Zak Hannan

Instructor of Mathematics and Physics,

Solano Community College


Fall 2016 Courses:


Math 11 Statistics Sections 80789 and 80793


Physics 6 First Semester Calc Physics Sections 80424 and 80381


Astronomy 10 - General Astronomy Section 80328

Other School Projects:

Math 049: Mathematics Honors (wxMaxima)

Physics 6 Lab Manual (Fall 2015 Revision)

MAC/MINITAB Assignments for Math 11 (Fall 2015 Revision)

wxMaxima for Calculus I and wxMaxima for Calculus II (Spring 2015 Sabbatical)

Static Equilibrium Demonstration (Fall 2014 Project for Math Steeplechase)

Physics 2 Lab Manual (Summer 2014 Revision)

Other Stuff:

Cherry Hill Farms (small nursery/urban farm in Fair Oaks, CA)